The Association shall consist of three categories of members as,
i) life members,
ii) associate members
iii) student members.

This is the category of persons who has
a) obtained academic training in an area identified as fields of agricultural economics, and
b) identify agricultural economics as the area in which substantial amount of their own professional work continues. Only the members carry voting rights under the Association’s article of Association and are eligible to serve in the executive committee of the Association. Members can obtain annual or life membership of the association.

Associate Members
This category consists of persons who demonstrate keen interest in the subject areas of agricultural economics with:

a) A bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate degree from a recognised university with majoring or specialisation in one of the sub areas of agricultural economics. OR
b) A bachelors’ degree in another discipline and has been involved in working areas within agricultural economics. Associate members who pay subscription continuously for five years will be eligible to be admitted as members.

Student Members
This membership category is reserved for undergraduate/post graduate students in one of the sub areas of agricultural economics.

Sri Lanka Agriculture Economics Association