Social Science Research Centers in Sri Lanka

Section 2: Institutional Descriptions

The Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka (CRISL) is the first ever Research Institute established in the world devoted for coconut. Since 1928 the institute contributes to development of new coconut varieties and has found innovative solutions to problems faced by the sector. CRI has organized its research under eight divisions. Agecon research is a part of its agronomy division.

Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Trainning Institute ( HARTI)

HARTI was established in 1972 with the mandate of carrying out systematic research on agricultural social sciences and trainning farmers on skills of better farm management. The institute collaborates with many international organizations and universities in other countries in its research activities.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka: Economic Research Department

Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka

An autonomous economic research institute based in Sri Lanka, IPS has its own research program in agriculture. Research leads to a series of research reports.

International Water Management Institute

A CGIAR research center based in Colombo contributes by conducting policy-relevant research on Sri Lanka and also through its generic research program aimed at producing global public goods.

Sri Lanka Agriculture Economics Association