Srilanka Journal of Agricultural Economics

Journal of the Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA)
(ISSN: 1391-7358,  E-ISSN: 2550-2883)

Sri Lankan Journal of Agricultural Economics: Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts based on work unpublished earlier should be submitted. Manuscripts should be prepared following the guidelines. Manuscripts that are currently under consideration for publication in other journals should not be submitted to this journal.

All manuscripts for consideration for publication of the journal should be submitted via an online submission platform managed by SLJOL.

How to Submit

Authors are expected to register at SLJOL and as per the INASP policy, ORCID (Online Researcher Community ID) is mandatory for at least the corresponding author. For registering with follow below button

What to Submit

SJAE publishes manuscripts written on theory and applications of agricultural and resource economics pertaining to developing countries. Sub areas of articles published so far include; production economics, consumer demand analysis, agricultural price analysis, agricultural marketing, international trade, international development, development economics, food, nutrition and health Economics, land and labor economics, resource and environmental economics, energy economics, industrial organization, and agribusiness.

Authors should submit four documents mentioned below.

i) A cover letter to declare their intention to publish in the journal and that the work was not published previously in other journals or is not being considered for publications elsewhere.

ii) An abstract to briefly describe the paper’s content. This should be in the order of 150 – 200 words, and may include paper title but not author details. Five keywords to represent the content and the methods and one geographical keyword (whenever relevant), and JEL classification codes/s of the paper should be identified.

iii) Cover page: This should give author's name/s and affiliations and details for correspondence.

iv) The manuscript including the paper’s title in the first page. Pages should be numbered consecutively. No information to reveal authors’ identity should be included in the manuscript.

SJAE expects that manuscripts are on average, 6,000 words in length.

Guidelines for Authors

Please contact administrative editor for more details about submissions to SJAE.

Dr. Sunali Dissanayake
Dept of Agricultural Systems
Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Anuradhapura - 50000
Sri Lanka


Dr. Parakrama Weligamage,
Journal Contact for SLJOL,
Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.

Editorial Office

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management,
Faculty of Agriculture,
Ven (Dr) Labuduwe Siridhamma Mawatha,
Peradeniya- 20400,
Sri Lanka.